Floorstading Speaker

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Only a few designs are meant to become icons. Beyond any doubt the sculptural form of Odeon’s No. 33 is one of them. This loudspeaker is the best example for Odeon’s pioneering spirit: After years of testing for the perfect cabinet form, Mr. Gersdorff came up with this both sculptural and functional design. This two piece cabinet minimizes resonance and its downfire bass technology makes it easy to fit the No. 33 in almost any room.

The latest generation released in 2014 and updated 2016 is another step forward in terms of highest music reproduction. This loudspeaker only uses capacitors, coils and driver units of best quality. The No. 33 combines one of the best high resolution 1 inch compression drivers with a low mass 5 inch midrange driver and an ultra fast and light 12 inch woofer. Both the midrange driver and the woofer are made by the french high end driver factory Audax. The No. 33 has fans all around the world who appreciate its quality and performance.

Technische Daten :
System 1 Zoll Druckkammer-Treiber
im 20 cm Kugelwellen-Horn;
13 cm HDA-Mitteltöner im
50 cm Kugelwellen-Horn;
33 cm Tieftöner mit unbeschichteter
Prinzip 3-Wege Bass-Reflex (TPS)
Trennfrequenz 320 / 1.800 hz
Frequenzgang +/- 3 db 29 – 21.000 hz
Impedanz 8 Ohm
Empfindlichkeit 94 db
Abmessungen (HxBxT) 133 cm x 45 cm x 70 cm
Gewicht/Stück 80 kg



Bookshelf Speaker


Bookshelf Speaker


Floorstaind Horn Speaker


Floorstaind Speaker